I’m Nick Kelly, a Missouri School of Journalism graduate and sports reporter.

My story began in Minnesota. Growing up in Lakeville, sports filled our schedules and conversations. For nine years, that translated to me playing football. Then, things changed during my sophomore year of high school.

We lost a classmate in a car crash in December 2013. The ways in which my classmates and others in the community reacted to her death made it clear she impacted everyone she met. I couldn’t help but ask myself what impact I had on others. Sure, it was a big question for a 15-year-old student, but I felt a void.

A void that reporting and storytelling filled. I started covering my high school’s athletics and activities, posting stories on the activities website. What started as quick stories on games wrapped in hundreds of tweets turned into a deeper love for sports, a newfound love for storytelling and a passion for the intersection of the two.

They fuel my energy everyday of the job, but the true fulfilment and impact I sought didn’t come until I prioritized service. I realized that every day, I have a chance to serve my readers and listeners. There was and is no better feeling after a day of work than knowing that you served your audience well.

Having that objective and opportunity every day I go out to do my job remains a privilege.

Thanks for visiting. Please contact me if you have any questions.

— NK