“We entrusted him with one of our most visible beats … and he never disappointed.”

Traci Johnson, Tampa Bay Times Sports Editor

“When Nick worked with us at the Tampa Bay Times, he was beat ready and still had more than a year of college left. We entrusted him with one of our most visible beats, covering one of the best teams in the NHL, and he never disappointed. 
Beyond the basics (conscientious, good on deadline, clean copy), Nick consistently had interesting story pitches and worked well within a team, deferring to veteran reporters when necessary while holding his own and being a key contributor. 
I have been in the business 20 years, and he is easily among the best young journalists the Times has encountered and groomed, though really there was very little grooming needed.”

“A tremendous asset”

Jon Krawczynski, Senior Writer at The Athletic

“It didn’t take long to see just how much talent and potential Nick has for doing this job. He was a tremendous asset all summer long. I enjoyed his bright-eyed optimism and eagerness and his diligence in trying to learn while churning out great copy.”

“You don’t meet a lot of 20-year-olds with his kind of drive and professionalism.”

Zack Pierce, Managing Editor at The Athletic Minnesota

“In his short time with us, he covered the Twins, Wild, Vikings, Lynx, Wind Chill ultimate team and more. He did great work, and we’re excited for his future. You don’t meet a lot of 20-year-olds with his kind of drive and professionalism.”

 “A rare talent”

Ben Pherson, Rochester Post Bulletin Sports Editor

“Even at such a young age, Nick Kelly carries himself with the professionalism of a 20-year veteran. And his writing matches that professionalism. In his short time at the Post-Bulletin, Kelly was phenomenal, tackling every assignment, no matter the topic, with enthusiasm, open-mindedness and tact.

With superb story-telling abilities, Kelly’s writing is crisp and technically sound. All around, he’s a rare talent and someone who can take the industry to new heights.”

“One of the most driven people I’ve met regardless of profession”

Brian Halverson, Minnesota Hockey Magazine Executive Editor

“I cannot say enough good things about Nick Kelly as both a journalist and a man of great character. Nick is a reporter’s reporter, a skilled writer who not only knows how to bring a game to life for his readers but also looks beyond the statistics to find the human element that truly makes a difference in the event he is covering.

He produces clean, consistent, quality work and is one of the most driven people I’ve met regardless of profession. I’ve had the privilege to watch him develop his skills for nearly three years now and look forward to the thrill of following Nick’s limitless future as a journalist.”

“A seasoned vet”

Darren Wolfson, KSTP-TV Reporter

“Nick’s passion for writing and sports is unmatched, especially when considering his youthfulness. However, you’d never know his age when reading his work. Nick is a seasoned vet who really gets to know the subjects he writes about.

His relationship building, knowledge, and ability to communicate are all A+!”

“Investing in Nick Kelly means investing in our industry.”

David La Vaque, Minneapolis Star Tribune Staff Writer

“Three years ago, Nick labored to write game stories. But he kept asking how to improve. And improve he did. To his credit, he soon began pushing himself in myriad directions, becoming adept at storytelling in many forms. Nick is growing in all facets of journalism. His embrace of social media, particularly Twitter, Periscope and podcasts, help him excel at the requirements of journalism today. As for reporting and writing, he is improving all the time at translating the information he gathers into clear, concise stories. He seeks feedback, takes constructive criticism to heart and comes back a little better each time.

When you have the pleasure of speaking with Nick, you will no doubt see the passion he brings to journalism. This is what he wants to do and it shows. Investing in Nick Kelly means investing in our industry.”

“Professional, prepared, poised and knowledgeable on all topics we discuss”

Pete Waggoner, former radio co-host

“Nick Kelly has been a steady contributor to my programs in Minneapolis on 1500 ESPN over the years.  He is professional, prepared, poised, and knowledgeable on all topics that we discuss. Communicating in a concise manner, Nick allows my programming to flow with the appropriate pace and tempo that I look for and require.

Working with Nick has been a pleasure and I look forward to his continued years of contributions on my shows.  It is apparent that my listeners and readers benefit from Nick’s work each time he appears on my radio shows and websites.”

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