“Investing in Nick Kelly means investing in our industry.”

David La Vaque, Mentor and Star Tribune Staff Writer

“Three years ago, Nick labored to write game stories. But he kept asking how to improve. And improve he did. To his credit, he soon began pushing himself in myriad directions, becoming adept at storytelling in many forms. Nick is growing in all facets of journalism. His embrace of social media, particularly Twitter, Periscope and podcasts, help him excel at the requirements of journalism today. As for reporting and writing, he is improving all the time at translating the information he gathers into clear, concise stories. He seeks feedback, takes constructive criticism to heart and comes back a little better each time.

When you have the pleasure of speaking with Nick, you will no doubt see the passion he brings to journalism. This is what he wants to do and it shows. Investing in Nick Kelly means investing in our industry.”