A new year brings a new element of coverage

I am excited to announce the launch of my new blog Nick Kelly on Lakeville North and journalism. 

Ever since I began reporting back in December of 2013, I have strived to think of new ways that I can enhance my coverage. Whether it is football, hockey, or even speech, my coverage has evolved since last winter. I have gone from just writing very basic game recaps and minimal tweeting to writing feature stories, 24/7 Twitter coverage, podcasts, Vine, Facebook, and even post-game video.

But, I felt that my coverage was missing something. So, in the spirit of the new year, my coverage will now include my new blog on both Lakeville North and journalism.

Included in Nick Kelly on Lakeville North and journalism will be longer updates of the daily Panther scene than I can’t do in the 140 characters on Twitter. Posts may include (but are not limited to) college commitments, short features, daily rankings, game previews, and my thoughts and insight on Lakeville North athletics and activities.

Also part of Nick Kelly on Lakeville North and journalism will be the journalist perspective. My blog will also include my thoughts on the journalism world as I share my first hand experiences in the field.

Many writers and reporters venture into blogging at some point in their career, and for me, I hope this is something I can continue throughout my career. I’m excited to start blogging, so bear with me as I embark on this new aspect of my coverage.

Happy New Year!

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