Ryan Poehling first period hat trick key in 8-2 victory over Lakeville South

On occasion, a hockey player will score three or more goals in a game. But a hat trick in one period is usually out of the question, except for sophomore Ryan Poehling that is.

For the youngest of the well-known Poehling brothers, the formula was simple.

“The hard work brought the hat trick,” Poehling said.

Ryan Poehling scored three out of the five goals from Lakeville North in the first period and heading into the locker room with five goals, the Panthers saw a shift in mentality from Lakeville South.

“I know in the second period and the third period, they looked a little scared to come after us,” Poehling said.

Yet, even with such a strong period from Ryan Poehling to start off the eventual 8-2 victory over the Cougars, it wasn’t necessarily his best period of play in his career.

“It was one of them,” Poehling said. “Scoring goals doesn’t always mean you had a great period, but I thought I worked really hard that period.

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