The search begins

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All good things must come to an end, and sadly, the end is coming into view.

Before I know it, I’ll be a 2016 graduate of Lakeville North High School, which means my days as a Panther beat reporter are numbered.

While I still have a little less than a year left as a Lakeville North reporter, it’s no secret that senior year goes incredibly fast. So, I don’t want to waste anytime.

I’m officially looking for my replacement.

In December of 2013, I walked into the activities office and became the first Lakeville North reporter through the Minnesota State High School League student media program. Not knowing what would come from it, I quickly realized that it was the best decision of my life thus far.

I began with covering games and writing very basic game “recaps” without including any quotes and providing very little storyline. I basically just regurgitated what happened in the game, which is a big no-no in sports writing. Writing about sports began as an interest that I thought could be a fun hobby, but sports journalism quickly became a passion and a career path that I intend to pursue. Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.11.12 PM

The response I’ve gotten from my tweeting and coverage has been immensely positive, which is something I did not foresee but am forever grateful for.

Even though I am leaving Lakeville North next year, I hope coverage of Panther athletics and activities can still continue for years to come.

While I have dreams and aspirations for my future as a journalist, another dream I have is to be able to come back in five or 10 years and see both journalism and sports coverage thriving at Lakeville North.

I don’t want journalism and sports coverage to die with my departure, so I’m officially beginning the search for another reporter, if not more than one reporter to cover Lakeville North as part of the MSHSL student media program.

I know, the task might sound a little overwhelming. I thought the same thing, and I hesitated to even ask about starting the program at Lakeville North because of the daunting task it appeared to be.

But, perhaps the biggest reason why I would highly suggest others dabble in journalism is because it is simply a ton of fun. In our busy lives, we often forget to have fun as we’re too focused on getting into college or stressing over our ACT scores, and journalism is that fun, for me.

You get a front row seat to the trials and tribulations of Lakeville North teams and not to mention, a credential that gets you into all of these events for free. It’s a unique point of view and one that keeps me interested every day that I am a journalist. I’ve seen players beam with excitement after a state championship victory. But I’ve also seen the misery of a locker room after a state championship loss. 

With the hard work that comes with covering regular season games in not so great conditions sometimes, and underwhelming press boxes, comes Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.08.58 PMthe reward of covering Lakeville North at state tournaments. Since 2013, I’ve covered the Panthers at Xcel Energy Center three times, Target Center three times, Target Field, St. Cloud State football stadium, CHS Field among other unique and interesting locations. 

Other opportunities I’ve had through various student media organizations are being part of the media at a Timberwolves game and a Wild game, getting to go to the locker rooms and sitting in on press conferences.

Not to mention, the media food at these venues tends to be quite good.

Sitting in the press box at these venues isn’t a given, but through hard work throughout the regular season comes the opportunity to go to state events at high profile spots in the Twin Cities. Perhaps you’ll be the next one to sit press row as Lakeville North wins a state hockey championship.

While these experiences are, no doubt, pretty cool, they aren’t the biggest reason as to why I do what I do. My primary reason is my love to be “in the know.”

If you work hard and develop a strong relationship with coaches and players, you’ll become the person that people come to when they want to know who is out for the section final or if a certain player will be back next year at Lakeville North.

Basically, you could become an insider for the greater Lakeville North audience.

Again, what you invest into the LNHS student media program will determine what you receive from it and the response people provide.

There aren’t any requirements, so it’s up to you as to what you do or don’t do. But if you’re considering potentially becoming a Lakeville North beat reporter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. It doesn’t really matter how good you are or aren’t. When I started, my writing wasn’t bad, but my reporting was. I look back on my stories when I began and get a good laugh out of them. The biggest thing you can control is your effort, so if you’re working to get better, you will. Through time and practice, you’ll see improvement.

2. This doesn’t have to be the career you’re set on. Many people write and report for fun and don’t do it as their full time job. For you as a high schooler, the Lakeville North student media program could just be another activity for you to be part of, which there’s nothing wrong with.

3. This will be a solid addition to your resume. You shouldn’t be doing this if you’re just in it to boost your resume and/or your college application, but it certainly helps in that regard. BjtABOECIAAe46z

4. You’ll get a high school experience unlike any other. Through my reporting, I’ve met people who I may have never met. From the basketball team to the tennis team, I’ve gotten to know countless great people who’ve been incredibly supportive of my journalistic endeavors. Plus, at Lakeville North, we have one of the most successful athletic and activities programs in the state and you get a front row seat to all of it.

The biggest reason that I am searching now for my replacement(s) is that I want to be a resource that you can come to in 2015-2016 as you learn the nuances of being a Lakeville North beat reporter. I’ve obviously been through it, so I’d like to help in any way I can.

No, reporting and journalism aren’t for everyone. But, as I found out, it just might be for you.

Questions? Email me at

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