Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop: Day One–WORKshop

For those that don’t know, I am currently in Columbia, Missouri at the University of Missouri for a nine days taking part in the Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop, which is run through the Dow Jones News Fund. I am one of 18 high school journalists in attendance at the workshop with students from Tennessee to Nebraska to Florida and even Korea taking part. Throughout the nine days, I’ll write nightly blogs documenting the trials and tribulations of the workshop. 

Professor Anna Romero, Director of the Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop, best described our task for the next nine days:

“It’s a workshop, not a camp, so be prepared to work,” she said.

On Day One of the MUJW, we didn’t put the work in workshop quite yet, but the faculty clearly depicted the work that will be put in.

Over the course of the next nine days, we will live the life of a working journalist.

We began the day checking in and experiencing a college dorm. I can’t speak for the other 17 students, but for me, today marked my first encounter with a college dorm for more than a 10 minute tour. Unpacking my bag and claiming a bed gave me a glimpse of what going to college will be like in a year.

Considering I hoped to slowly but surely get used to the Missouri humidity, the acclimation process came at a quick pace. Air conditioning was my friend today, as it will likely be for the next week.

Following several housekeeping-type sessions such as “Do’s and Don’ts” of the workshop, we met new Dean of the Mizzou journalism school Dr. David Kurpius and the rest of the MUJW faculty.

Once the introductions came to a close, we bounced story ideas around for a solid 60-90 minutes focused around the idea of poverty and the income gap. We each came away with two story ideas, which are subject to change.

Ultimately, today was the housekeeping day and a heavy dose of journalism lies ahead.

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